UCLA Football Schedule

UCLA Football Schedule

Announcement of the UCLA Football Schedule

UCLA Football Schedule

 The mix of conference games and non-conference opponents on the schedule will challenge the Bruins all season long.

 When it comes to non-conference opponents, the Bruins will be up against strong teams that will test the club. They will start the season with a home game against a challenging opponent and then a road game against another strong opponent. A home game versus a regional foe that is guaranteed to bring a sizable and devoted crowd will serve as the non-conference schedule’s capper.

In addition to games against tough opponents from the Pac-12 Conference, the conference schedule includes contests against longtime rivals. The Bruins’ fans can anticipate crucial contests against conference heavyweights that will test their team’s abilities and give them a chance to shine on the big stage.

 The UCLA  football  team’s  schedule for 2023 looks to be both interesting and difficult. High-stakes contests, storied rivalries, and chances for the Bruins to establish their status as one of the nation’s best teams are all things fans can anticipate from the next season. The Bruins are in position for a strong year that will keep fans on the edge of their seats under the direction of head coach Chip Kelly and a superb roster of players.

Non-conference games

The 2023 non-conference schedule for the UCLA Bruins football team promises to be difficult. On August 26, at home against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, the Bruins will begin their campaign. Hawaii had a 6-7 overall record in 2022, but they are known for having a potent offence, so it will be a challenge for UCLA’s defence.

The Bruins’ trip to Lincoln, Nebraska, to take on the Cornhuskers is scheduled for September 2. Despite finishing 5-7 in 2022, Nebraska has a loyal following and a solid tradition. This contest will test the Bruins’ resilience in a tough road atmosphere.

On September 9, UCLA will play host to the San Diego State Aztecs in a non-conference match. In 2022, San Diego State finished 12-2 and won the Mountain West Conference title. They are a formidable opponent for UCLA’s offence and have a powerful defence.


The Bruins’ final non-conference matchup is against the Stanford Cardinal on September 16. Despite Stanford’s 4-8 record in 2022, they are a well-coached squad that has previously caused UCLA problems.


The Bruins will face a solid battle in these non-conference contests, and they will be better prepared for the rigours of Pac-12 conference action. Hawaii’s potent offence, Nebraska’s fervent fan base, San Diego State’s formidable defence, and Stanford’s illustrious programme will all present special difficulties for UCLA to overcome. To exit these non-conference games with a winning record, the Bruins will need to play at their peak level.

Date Opponent Location
August 26 Hawaii Home
September 2 Nebraska Away
September 9 San Diego State Home
September 16 Stanford Away

Conference Games

UCLA’s 2023 opponents will be great competition because the Pac-12 Conference is one of the top conferences in college football. On the conference schedule are contests with Stanford, Oregon State, Arizona State, Washington State, USC, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, and California.
UCLA faces different difficulties because of each team in the conference. After a disappointing season in 2022, Stanford will be hoping to rebound against UCLA. Stanford is a squad that always challenges UCLA to a close game. UCLA may be in danger from Oregon State, a squad that has been getting better recently. The defence of UCLA will be put to the test by Arizona State, whose offence is potent.
UCLA will try to make up for their loss to the Trojans in 2022 in the game versus USC, which is always a season high point. Utah will be a difficult opponent because they have a team that has recently been consistently strong. And finally, one of the best teams in the conference, Oregon, will present a big challenge for UCLA.
In conclusion, the opponents on UCLA’s 2023 schedule, both non-conference and conference, will each present different difficulties for the team. To compete in the difficult Pac-12 league and have a chance of winning the league, UCLA will have to be at their best.
Date Opponent Location
September 30 Arizona State Away
October 7 Washington State Home
October 21 Washington Away
October 28 USC Home
November 4 Utah Home
November 11 Oregon Away
November 18 Colorado Home
November 24 California Away


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