House Vote on Removing Kevin McCarthy


On October 3, 2023, the House is set to vote on removing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.


The motion to vacate was introduced by Congressman Matt Gaetz, a hard-right lawmaker from Florida.


McCarthy is facing removal due to collaboration with Democrats to avert a government shutdown.


His procedural motion to table Gaetz's proposal failed, leading to the final vote on his removal.


McCarthy's position is precarious due to a narrow majority. To remain Speaker, he can only lose four Republican votes if all House Democrats vote against him.


McCarthy acknowledges his potential removal if five Republicans side with Democrats. He expresses confidence but also resignation about the situation.


If the motion succeeds, McCarthy can choose a temporary speaker until a new election. The process could be prolonged and contentious, similar to his election in January.


McCarthy stands by his decision to work with Democrats to keep the government open. He is willing to lose his job to ensure government funding and support for troops.


Some hard-right Republicans support McCarthy's removal, while others urge focus on funding bills. The motion to vacate gains support from around ten hard-right lawmakers.